Become a Sponsor

There are two ways to become a sponsor, via phone or live in-person at your location. You are able to become a sponsor for a group experience via phone/zoom and/or other means of tele communication as well as you can sponsor an experience at your location in person. 

Via Phone

In a Group Experience

When SHE is with one, SHE reflects one…

When SHE is with a group, SHE reflects all as ONE …

What SHE (the Self(s)® Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair as ONE become) offers in a group worldwide is facilitated through:

All Self(s)® Healing Experiences, privately with one and in a group, are the same in one fundamental and primary way: when SHE is with one, SHE reflects one when SHE is with a Group, SHE reflects ALL as ONE.

SHE surpasses all physical boundaries, divisions, time, and all physical differences that divide and separate life. All present at the group Self(s)® Healing Experience become ONE indivisible, omniscient, omnipresent, non physical experience as ONE. All hear what joins and unites the group as ONE that emanates through each group participant and back to the group seamlessly as ONE. No more or less is heard through spoken word than the group is primed to profit by. All present are instantaneously enlightened in ONE Self(s)® intelligence that presides within all individualized life forms that are born anew collectively as ONE and in ONE limitless body of sacred knowledge.

SHE synthesizes all present that become ONE note in ONE Self(s)® composed orchestrated symphony of pure clarity and enlightenment. Each individual’s presence will in essence reflect, collectively what resurrects, what is heard, through spoken word to all as ONE.  ONE Self(s)® reflection and resurrection pre and post what becomes physical and the need to be,  dualistically non and eternally unbound and free …

Each group participant is centered in and becomes ONE Self(s)® enlightened being in unison and unity. All present represent and reflect a singular and collective ONE and become the gift they receive through this sacred encounter. Learn more here


She travels to your state or country through sponsored travel.

If you represent a group through your human resource department at your workplace, club, association, wellness center, and/or your family, friends and coworkers, consider becoming a sponsor.


  • Once a sponsor has a minimum of 12 people who are interested in scheduling, a date would then be provided.
  • Then one half of the *total fee would be due and non-refundable.
  • The remainder would be due two weeks prior to the event and non-refundable.
  • In the event of a life death emergency or unsafe weather conditions that would prohibit traveling, another date would be provided.

*The total fee would vary based on where the sponsor is located and the number of people that would be scheduled.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please call Rhonda @ (802) 558-9200 or email