Poemantras® produce instant enlightenment through insights, foresights, and hindsight that tell, how life can be happy and well

…Poemantra® was Self(s)® conceived
Born, delivered, and received
Poemantra® emanated from two crossed seeds
Poem and mantra for all life’s needs
A hybrid ‘gift’ that calibrates
All life as ONE Self(s)®/self that co-creates
What’s finitely structured and formed
Is infinitely delivered, received, and born…

…Poemantras Self(s)® teach and/or Self(s)® heal
Life from what becomes physically real
Through Poemantras® life obtains
Messages ONE Self(s)® explains
What energetically causes pain
And how ‘in essence’ it refrains
Past physical boundaries, realms and planes
Life’s recomposed and rearranged
As all life ascertains
What comes from ONE Self(s)® domain
Poemantras® are omnipresent, time-eternal insights,
foresights, and in hindsight that tell,
Truth that lies and frees life to be well
Centered, balanced, and free
Are Self(s)® composed Poemantrically®…

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