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Cold Laser Therapy has never been easier and more effective for home users than it is right now with this combination of 5 life changing, healing technologies in one portable hand-held laser device that is so safe it covets an OTC FDA Clearance for purchase by anyone over the counter or by phone.

The Quantum Scalar Wave Laser comes with a 12 year proven track record of success around the world. Includes 2 training books for ease of use.

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Whole Body EMF & Personal Energy Protection

The BioElectric Shield is an applied physics crystal technology which offers you complete ENERGY PROTECTION. It blocks and redirects EMF electromagnetic radiation from WiFi and all electronics. It provides ENERGY REGULATION by reducing the impact of unhealthy energies, be it from a person, place or situation. It offers ENERGY AMPLIFICATION by strengthening, balancing and stabilizing your energy.

Based on Nobel prize winning physics. Inside each Shield is a crystal matrix which creates an energy field which blends with and resonates with your personal energy. The metal surround the matrix serves as an amplifier. Brass (Level 1) is a good amplifier, Siver is stronger (Level 2),and gold is the strongest (Level 3 & 4). The greatest protection comes from the greatest amplification. Take the Quiz to see which level matches your needs.

Healthy Wave Mats
Embedded with Healing Crystals

Healthy Wave Mat – 5 Synergetic Therapy

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance cellular regeneration
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Promote deeper sleep
  • Help promote healing and detoxification
  • Reduce tension, anxiety and stress
  • Balance out your brain wave
  • and much more

Beautiful Healing Duvet

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