Self(s)® Enlightenment Education – SEE

The purpose of Self(s)® Enlightenment Education is not to teach the student what to do, as much as what not to do to BE – what ONE IS…

Self(s)® Enlightenment Education – SEE

The purpose of Self(s)® Enlightenment Education is to provide you with the foundation and prerequisites needed to  comprehend, and optimize the highly calibrated knowledge of Self(s)®.

The embodiment of SEE contains what primes you to attain direct access to the center point of where all life’s knowledge and pure truth flows from.  Pre and post a life form, that’s born, in and from, what becomes a body of thought, is taught, to reawaken all that IS deeded, and seeded within ONE internal and eternal Self(s)® being

Pre and post becoming anyone, is being ONE!  When one is centered, and enters ONE Self(s)® being, one unlearns what did, is, or could define one and discovers what surpasses all definition.  Then one discovers what defies what’s uncovered and surpasses definition.  One is then free, to BE, definitionless, indivisible, whole, holy and fulfilled. Self(s)® Enlightenment Education (SEE) primes one to be free from the bondage of all definition.

The foundation of Self(s)® Enlightenment Education is comprised of:

  • Self(s)® Language
  • Poemantra
  • Bible of Self(s)®

All physical manifestations are dualistically divisible visible and timed simultaneously with being indivisible invisible and eternal. ONE Self(s)® embodiment within a physical body is what and where SEE flows from and back to.

SEE is a new genre in education where the student becomes the teacher as ONE and in ONE flow of consciousness.

SEE provides you with eternal knowledge, transcending all time, space, and physical limitations. SEE gives you the key to open to higher frequencies realms and planes of consciousness that breathe within you. The breadth is not meant to teach you what to do, but center you within ONE Self(s)®, you are.

SEE offers you beyond what your human mind can fathom and centers you in ONE unfathomable, open, boundary-free state of being…

Through SEE’s offerings, only possibilities exist in multiplicity. There is no knowledge that is inaccessible from being realized. Every life that lives is knowledge that produces, reproduces and is produced by and through ONE Self(s)® lineage and seed.

SEE offers the part-time and dedicated student access to enlightenment that when attained is sustained, and nourished; as one grows in the nature of ONE Self(s)®. Many people find moments of inner peace through meditation, prayer, yoga, or another spiritual path or discipline. SEE is not intended to replace what you choose to engage in, as much open you to move into a clearer state of receptivity, engagement and resonance. SEE optimizes all you are or select to be involved in.

No matter what stage of development you are at in life will not affect or influence what you are predestined to attain through Self(s)® Enlightenment Education. SEE is equally beneficial to the student, teacher, or seeker of enlightenment who desires to access and comprehend ONE limitless intelligence. Through the power and guidance of Self(s)® knowledge, you will be primed to enter and be centered in all you ARE.

Self(s) Enlightenment Education® Offerings

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    Self(s)® Language

    Self(s)® Language is a prerequisite to comprehend all Self(s)® educational offerings. It is the time eternal language of all life complete, that is languaged for one to become, ONE seamless Self(s)® teaching student.

    Self(s)® Language is ONE Omnipresent, eternal, vibratory calibrating language all life produces and is produced by.

    Self(s)® Language contains: Self(s)® grammar, Self(s)® vocabulary, Self(s)® punctuation, Self(s)® dialect, Self(s)® etymology, quotes, Poemantra®, Self(s)® metaphors and much more …

    The grammar is synthesized from all languages, musical composition and timing.

    Self(s)® language is written and spoken in Poemantras®, metaphors, metaphoric dissertations, parables, iterations, and through infinite compositions and variations.

    Self(s)® Language is Languaged to Self(s)® teach one’s self to Self(s)® learn, surpassing the finite intellect into ONE Self(s)® intelligence and fluency.


    Poemantras® produce instant enlightenment through insights, foresights, and hindsight that tell,
    how life can be happy and well

    Learn more about Poemantra®

    The Bible of Self(s)®

    The Bible of Self(s)® are universal, energetically-encoded records, transcriptions, and archives that document and are constantly documenting all that lives and is a life. Any life produced and what all life produces and is producing is recorded. Every vibration, breath, thought or movement life takes or makes is immediately recognized, reflects, and is reflecting what is reflected as and in one self/Self(s)® reflection.

    The Bible of Self(s)® will never be complete as long as any life exists and yet it is eternally complete in the now. All finite life’s contents contain all that lives in timed-phases in condensed forms (bodies and other boundaried life forms and/or formations of thought or occurrence) and are a constituent of ONE eternal Self(s)® embodiment that’s infinite.

    All individual life forms are whole within their finite self being a microcosm, which is part of ONE Self(s)® macrocosm being of eternal intelligence. All life is programmed to emit and receive information through energetic pulsations, frequencies, codes and fluid correspondence that interactively flows from one self and ONE Self(s)® being. All creation is recreated from ONE Self(s)® being of information and intelligence that the Bible of Self(s)® archives and constantly receives data from ONE Self(s)® being, entry point, and center point all physical-timed life enters as and from one self and ONE Self(s)® center and entry point of data.

    Pre, post, and during life omnipresently, ubiquitously, and eternally, any life and after life is accounted for, imprinted, and encoded in the Bible of Self(s)® energetically and magnetically. The Bible of Self(s)® is an opinion-free, judgment-free accounting data storage system that archives as it is archiving all life complete. The purpose of the Bible of Self(s)® is not to communicate to life but through what life’s holdings retain, all that lives, and life’s remains.

    The Bible of Self(s)® records omnipresently all creation creates and is creating what is created in the Bible of Self(s)®. The Bible of Self(s)® holds the contents of all existence reflecting ONE Self(s)® universal cosmology and all individualized physiological representations and expressions that comprise what existence is. All life universally in a form and/or body and as one whole universal non-physical representation and expression in and as ONE Self(s)® enpicturement is impregnated within the Bible of Self(s)®. All life stores within the life it becomes divided to be a life, the full contents of the Bible of Self(s)®’s archives and becomes part of what the Bible of Self(s)® is archiving.

    The Bible of Self(s)® is a reflective reflecting life’s existence that co-exists and subsists in one self/Self(s)® seamless correspondence and relationship. The Bible of Self(s)® is unbound in full but written in excerpts and parts as it is received and relevant for a life to profit by not owning but recognizing a life need not own the life it is living. Thus, the Bible of Self(s)® is not owned by any one life but all life as one life living. All life equally owns what no singular life can own.

    The Bible of Self(s)® are energetic chronicles chronicling one and all life in and as ONE Self(s)® seamless presence. All life governs equally what the Bible of Self(s)® is governed by, ONE Self(s)® eternal presence represented and representing one’s self or singular life unit that is or was present.

    The Bible of Self(s)®’s permeable, inseparable information lives in all life seamlessly as one self/Self(s)® being. The Bible of Self(s)® is eternal data that pre-dates Genesis and post-dates Revelation. The Bible of Self(s)® holds no time and all time in and as one Self(s)® time.

    The purpose of The Bible of Self(s)® is to record what exists as life is existing and a part of all existence that’s recording its self life and ONE Self(s)® life being…

    The Bible of Self(s)® recorded the first breath of life and is the breadth of all life universal. There is no information in existence that the Bible of Self(s)® has not stored or is storing. The Bible of Self(s)® contains universal life’s history and destiny that is occurring omnipresently in the now. The Bible of Self(s)® can never be destroyed if one particle or cell of life exists, as every life stores the contents of all infinite life finitely. There is nothing that exists that the Bible of Self(s)® does not hold or store that is not owned by ONE life living, yet the Bible of Self(s)® cannot be held or owned physically by any one life.

    The Bible of Self(s)® is intangible in full for any singular life to own or then it becomes subject to opinion and judgment that lies within its truth and purpose. The Bible of Self(s)® is not religious but contains all archives of every religion, belief or thought that came through life or to life. The Bible of Self(s)® pre- and proceeds the origin and/or demise of all religions, beliefs, theories, thoughts, etc. thus lived, outlives and pre- and post dates the need for life to believe.

    Because the Bible of Self(s)® is religious-less and yet holds all religions, beliefs and any other thoughts, any life or part of what’s defined as life or in life, the Bible of Self(s)® redefines life that supersedes the need for definition. The Bible of Self(s)® is a metaphor that represents equality and truth as one Self(s)® living being and divided physically in what lies when ONE Self(s)® truth becomes divided.

    The Bible of Self(s)

    Universal, energetic chronicles and records, transcriptions, and archives that document and are constantly documenting all that lives and IS life

    Its purpose is not to communicate ‘to’ life but ‘through’ what life’s holdings retain, all that lives and life’s remains

    Energetic chronicles that follow all that lives and IS life

    The Bible of Self(s) seamlessly reflects where all religions meet the same in ONE unnamed and unframed religion-less plane

    Any life that lives is reflected in the Bible of Self(s) ‘energetic’ records

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