“The experience is undefined until it meets its definition: You.”


What is ‘Self(s)®’?

Self(s)®: ONE infinite eternal, macrocosm of intelligence and light energy that is constantly subdividing into finite microcosms of condensed physical matter, each representing ONE whole and one whole part of ONE communicatory ‘being’ that IS pure intelligence…

What does the (s) in parenthesis at the end of Self(s)® mean?

The ( ) represents what’s finite, physical, named, framed, defined, timed and separated by belonging to any definition. The ‘s’ within the parenthesis represents what’s infinite, nonphysical, unnamed, unframed, undefined, inseparable and eternal. The parenthesis symbolizes any physical, finite enclosure (i.e. body) and other life divisions (i.e. thoughts, geography, beliefs or any lines of demarcation. And the ‘s’ symbolizes what is nonphysical, infinite, undivided (i.e. thoughts, geography, beliefs or any lines of demarcation that are subject to time/space limitations) and inseparable not belonging to one but all as ONE.

What does any word that is all in capital letters mean?

  1. Eternal, infinite, non-physical.
  2. A word that is in all capitals means in Self(s)® language ALL that lives and IS ONE.
  3. The collective ONE within the singularized one.
  4. The ‘entirety’ of all being ONE (infinite non-physical, imparted eternal life equals ONE) and as such one (finite, physical part of life equals one) being ALL.

What is the Self(s)® Healing Experience (SHE)?

SHE is the most direct and quickest way to attain instant enlightenment and be primed to attain and sustain the sanctity of inner peace. SHE is legendary for producing a phenomenon (in-person) that clients have reported experiencing for almost three decades, whereby many out-of-control problems repetitive thought patterns, self sabotaging habits, and many other problems that were blocking or obstructing inner peace were quickly and effortlessly outgrown.  The objective of what SHE offers is for one to attain and sustain the sanctity of inner peace; the promise of the experience is that one becomes instantly enlightened within a light energy and source that shines, imparted in all life that IS divine. Through Rhonda Lenair’s human voice, this divine light and infinite intelligence is unmuted … all life is one part of ONE living truth, intelligence, individually and collectively as ONE… that SHE becomes with you …

Because of the many testimonials posted on our website that we have received from clients for almost 3 decades, expressing their gratitude and joy of overcoming their addictions, many people misconstrue that we offer a treatment for addictions and other conditions. It is also misconstrued because many years ago, (back in the 1980’s) Rhonda offered these services. But, as Rhonda’s work evolved, her former services were outgrown and grew into a divine encounter and experience. The phenomenon or probable miracle of a person’s difficulties being outgrown clients still report occurs,  but as a byproduct of what SHE offers today.

The Lenair Self(s) Enlightenment Education Center® does not offer any treatments or therapies – either in person or over the phone. What we offer is the Self(s)® Healing Experience (SHE-Rhonda Lenair and the experience as ONE become). In essence you meet your Self(s)®, as you conceive and receive sacred information that lies within pure truth and is unmuted through Rhonda’s human voice. Learn all about what SHE offers HERE.

Could you define what the Self(s)® Healing Experience is and what one can expect to occur?

SHE is an undefined experience that is only defined by the life or lives SHE reflects. During the experience, ONE Self(s)® teaches as one’s self learns and Self(s)® evolves  seamlessly and simultaneously, and for many… instantaneously. One comprehends, what one is primed to transcend, and/or evolve through Self(s)® guidance, wisdom, insights, foresights, and in hindsight that tells one how to be centered, happy and well. What one is ‘ripe’ to achieve – no more or less, one produces and reflects throughout the experience. Read more here.

How does what SHE offers in-person, differ from, what SHE offers via phone?

What SHE offers privately in-person is legendary for producing a phenomenon that clients continue to report occurring. The In-Person Experience also produces a Self(s)® guided protocol and is a very intensive and time-concentrated experience that is dedicated to one person. What SHE offers via phone is a miraculous experience in and of itself, but it is just not renowned for producing the phenomenon that occurs in-person. What both experiences share in common is that one becomes instantly enlightened within an intelligence they store within and is unmuted through Rhonda Lenair’s voice.

Do I need to believe in or understand this experience to benefit from it?

No. Believing in this experience is not criteria or needed to profit by all SHE offers. A metaphor is:

You need not believe in water for it to reflect your image…
And in the spirit of the same metaphor,
Water does not need to believe…… to reflect your image…

Will SHE conflict with my religion or beliefs?

No. Because SHE ‘only’ reflects what is within you like water, the only image that is reflected is what your system reflects and is unmuted through Rhonda’s voice. Water does not change the image, nor is it meant to … it simply reflects the image. SHE does not change what one is, it is only what one becomes that interferes with your purity and essence, that in essence is transformed through what SHE offers. SHE does not impose what she thinks, but reflects what your system knows that you are meant to profit by. Nothing one hears is edited, embellished or altered. SHE is a judgment-free experience that represents pure truth that is non-perspective based; but, ONE whole living truth, that all life IS.

What is ‘instant enlightenment’?

It is the center point where pure essence lives.  Where ONE Self(s)® light and eternal intelligence comes from and flows through and back to all life that lives, that IS… life. All life emits, receives, and conceives infinite eternal knowledge. All life – cause, effect, are affected by, produced, own, and are owned by finitely and infinitely in tandem. ONE Self(s)® light of illumination that glows, in life shows, life what, when, and how to be, balanced and whole physically … One meets their unnamed, unframed time-eternal planed being, and infinite enlightened Self(s)® light that shines, within all life that IS divine.

How does SHE differ from any addiction treatment program?

SHE is not and does not represent any traditional or alternative treatment programs. SHE is a non-medical experience and does not represent any traditional or alternative treatment programs or therapies. SHE is an experience whereby one becomes their own non-physical specialist and expert that relates to all one is physically and what one is ripe to achieve and benefit by. SHE is a non-medical, template-free experience and does not employ any treatments, therapies, counseling or meetings. The objective of what SHE offers is not to stop addictions, it is only a byproduct that clients report occurring.

How does one classify what SHE offers?

The Self(s)® Healing Experience is unclassified. SHE in an ‘infinite’ experience that relates to whatever is finite and SHE infinitely reflects … SHE like water reflects as a metaphor:

…One’s spoken truth, unedited,
truth that is pure and restores
what lies within
What blocks inner peace to begin…

What is ‘inner peace’ – the objective of the Self(s)® Healing Experience?

The sanctity of inner peace is ONE perfect state of fulfillment, and love that life IS and presides within all life. Before one becomes a life and subject to what interferes or conflicts with this innate and natural state of consciousness IS and lives as inner peace within you now.

Inner peace and attaining Self(s)® perfection has nothing to do with striving, seeking or doing, as it is a state of being not seeking outside of oneself to find anything greater than what one IS within ONE Self(s)®…

…Pure inner peace is not attained by seeking but by being,
ONE moving life truth that is freeing,
Life from what’s physically-bound,
Non-physically within life is found,
And when this state is attained,
False versions* of peace cease to remain…

The sanctity of inner peace is attaining a perfect state of pure inner stillness within and that does not falter when exposed to outer chaos.

*Versions: obstacles that block, obstruct or interfere with peace that are mirages

What if I do not have an out-of-control problem? Can I still benefit from what SHE offers?

Yes! The promise of the experience is to attain ‘instant enlightenment’ and the objective of what SHE offers is to attain and sustain inner peace. All life and any life will produce what is infinite that ONE Self(s)® knows and one hears, whatever insights, foresights, and in hindsight, that tell one how to be whole and well occurs throughout the experience. So no, you do not have to have an out-of-control problem, and losing one is not the objective of what SHE offers. The benefits of what SHE offers is reflective through what SHE is that greatly supersedes the phenomenon SHE is renowned for producing.

Out-of-control problems that clients report disappearing are not the objective of the experience, it is just that SHE is legendary for producing this byproduct. All can benefit through what SHE offers by becoming instantly enlightened (it’s promise) and attaining the sanctity of inner peace, it’s true objective.

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