Group Self(s) Healing Experience

What SHE Offers In a Group

What SHE offers in a group is very different from attending a lecture or presentation, where a motivational or inspirational speaker, teacher, or guru offers their experience, wisdom and knowledge and speaks ‘to’ the group. A speaker shares their knowledge, experience, or teaches the audience, who is there to listen or learn by what the speaker has to say. What SHE offers, the group reflects what comes through the group and back to the group. In essence, the group conceives and emits what the group receives through this collective reflection as ONE.

What the group reflects they hear as SHE synthesizes sacred knowledge that SHE airs, through all is ONE and back to all present reflect what SHE becomes, no more or less than all are primed and predestined to attain and profit by. SHE instantaneously reflects all selves present within ONE Self(s) presence that is unmuted through what presides within the group as ONE.

Whether Rhonda is with one person privately or in a group, there are always layers of Self(s) evolving that occur. People Self(s) evolve at levels that they’re ripe to: it’s predestined. Some people have reported outgrowing, many cravings, desires and/or the need to self-destruct, through overcoming negative and/or repetitive thoughts or actions. Just by hearing one’s own voice reflected in a group Self(s) Healing Experience; others have experienced other profound changes some being overcoming stress, moving on from time-warps, old traumas and much more.

To schedule what SHE offers for your group, association, club, family or friends call.  (802)558-9200

To schedule what SHE offers for your group, association, club, family or friends call.

Group Experience via phone

  • 30 people minimum
  • $50  dollars per person
  • Duration is approximately 1+ hour
  • 50% payment is due upon scheduling with remainder due one week before the event.

Group Experience Live In-Person

Call for more information 802-558-9200

Rhonda and Barry Lenair’s Global Initiative
ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace

ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace’ is the vision of how this global initiative unfolds.

The group Self(s) Healing Experience can help your organization to raise funds, new supporters and awareness for your respective cause. It is also the mechanism that activates Rhonda Lenair’s global initiative and vision, ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace that is primed to save our world at large by uniting all life as ONE. We encourage you to become a part of this infinitely attainable vision.

There is no one individual cause that can save our world at large. Rather, there are multitudinous causes which share a commitment to earth and/or her inhabitants. Beyond their individual causes, each can surpass the boundaries of its named/framed cause while strengthening and fortifying its cause as one part of what’s whole. One cause affects all causes and all causes affect ONE Self(s) cause.

Just reflect upon – if only one cause were to attain its ultimate vision and dream, while earth’s other causes were neglected: how relevant would the successful cause be if earth and life living on earth were still threatened and vulnerable in other ways which other causes represent if those other causes were neglected or not strengthened?

Through the vision of ‘ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace’ where all causes become ONE Self(s) cause and vision, all causes are primed to be strengthened individually and collectively as ONE.

On March 11, 2011, the day of the Fukushima tsunami, Rhonda ‘received’ a message that she was to offer the group Self(s) Healing Experience to philanthropic and charitable organizations to prime and align them to successfully raise funds, to raise awareness, and new supporters for their causes and missions.

Rhonda was then again ‘signaled’ that there was still a greater purpose that was about to be born.

The message through her was: significantly magnify – exponentially – the impact and power of the Group SHE by uniting hundreds of causes initially, then thousands and greater numbers of causes simultaneously in massive Group experiences at the same time, on the same day. Frequent massive Group SHE’s via phone and live worldwide will be a magnet, incubator, precursor and new birth on earth delivery that rapidly changes and rearranges opposition, separateness and adversity by ‘repositioning’ life to be ONE Infinite cause that reflects what affects universal peace. All pieces or individual causes will be exponentially magnified, amplified and eventually reach what goes beyond measure and sound. All finite individual causes will become infinitely and collectively one global Self(s) cause affected initiative. All causes that share earth and her inhabitant’s plight, unite as ONE, in ONE, and through ONE vehicle that SHE offers.

SHE centers earth, and the universe and all become ONE, and in ONE Self(s) seamless movement that moves, centers and saves our planet by all becoming ONE. Through ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace (OSCOSP), all separate causes are strengthened fiscally and profit by what SHE offers. Inseparably, as ONE and through ONE, all are fortified individually, collectively and respectfully for ONE and in ONE Self(s) movement and cause that affects earth and all life that inhabits and shares the same Mother and address.

Because earth and all her inhabitants are either in crisis and/or affected by a crisis, urgent intervention is needed now. There is no time to spare or waste. A time-accelerated initiative must occur now! Collective intervention needs to take place by rallying all causes that support earth and her inhabitants to commit to becoming one part of this great, whole global initiative. All causes that join will affect and fuel the motion that saves earth and all life.

OSCOSP initiative will contagiously spread its model that exemplifies that all life is ONE cause, effect and action that successfully in essence centers the life it is and all other life as parts of ONE whole life living. When life overcomes all inner wars, conflicts and struggles, outward peace is won and ONE Self(s) Peace occurs through ONE Self(s) Cause that affects change. When enough causes become a part of OSCOSP, all life begins to change by taking on ONE Self(s) life for all and ONE as all.

Using the 101 Monkey Phenomenon as a metaphor that cites change, OSCOSP initiative is primed to realign and change the species of mankind to know and embrace by osmosis inner peace as a natural state that’s within one and won, without war needed – all life is primed to become ONE with. Thus through ONE Self(s) inseminated seed, ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace was born for all life to be reborn as and in pure peace.

ONE Self(s) Vision
As ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace accelerates, individual causes will no longer be necessary, as they will have fulfilled their visions through ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace initiative. The ultimate vision is where all life becomes ONE by attaining pure peace that presides within, and that outward reflection will be able to set all life free – inwardly and outwardly. Life will then outgrow the need for any cause to be and then outgrow the reason why a physical life is necessary by learning what life IS before ‘a’ life becomes a finite division from ONE infinite division-free Self(s). Life comprehends all life’s ‘parts’ that are divided from ONE Self(s) intelligence into finite forms born as one note ‘unit’, or ‘pixel’ in one and as ONE Self(s) portrait, landscape, choreography, and composition. Pre- and post-life what becomes ‘a’ part of ONE Self(s) that is reborn in terms and turns. Multitudinously, all individual life is one and equals ONE Self(s).

A Calibrated Poemantra for ‘ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace’

… Where all nonprofits, causes and charities profit by being one/ONE,
Named and unnamed united cause all seamlessly become,
ONE Self(s) cause all profit by fueling what is raised,
In profits and consciousness, a light all set ablaze,
A light within that joins all life illuminates and shines,
Within all life equally in parts is one divine
Light imparted in [is] ONE Self(s) center and sanctity,
Of peace that recreates, permeates and spreads contagiously,
No life is forsaken and all life’s awakened
In ONE Self(s) reflected center the Universe will see,
Earth as the satellite causing goodwill that will free,
Peace – inner peace all life reaches and becomes,
One Self(s) cause that supports all by being won ))))))))))))
That supports all beings being ONE …

*Self(s): ONE infinite eternal, macrocosm of intelligence and light energy that is constantly subdividing into finite microcosms of condensed physical matter, each representing ONE whole and one whole part of ONE communicatory ‘being’ that IS pure intelligence.

If you are interested in being involved in this global mission please call.

If you're interested in being involved in this global mission