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What is SHE?

SHE is a miraculous divine intervention and transformational encounter that is legendary for producing a byproduct known as a predictable miracle for tens of thousands of people, where by many life-long struggles, self-sabotaging problems, cravings, desires and the need to self destruct are outgrown and seemingly evaporate for many instantaneously.

Medical Community Testimonials

…Rhonda’s hands-on healing work is remarkable in its ability to eliminate out of control drinking. “Rhonda is a “doctor of energy medicine,” encompassing all areas/branches of medicine. Energetically able to detect problems on all levels, she acts as the human equivalent of an MRI, CAT scan or diagnostic lab. Moreover, she becomes the client’s voice, beyond the usual constrictions of time and space. She knows deeply and expresses accurately what has happened, is happening, and what is pending within a person systemically and beyond physical boundaries. Despite the depth and fullness of her reading, she ensures that the individual hears what they need to without feeling intruded upon or threatened.”
— Hyla Cass, M.D., Psychiatrist, Author, California

“She took all the cravings and desire away… She was the magic bullet” — Dr. Michael Posner, New York

“As a psychotherapist with 26 years’ experience and over the past 5 years I have referred about 75% of my clients to Rhonda Lenair because of a phenomenon that occurs in her presence … addictive, self-sabotaging behaviors, thoughts, desires, cravings and the need to self-destruct simply cease …  almost instantaneously.\”

\”I’m just one of many clinicians and doctors that refer their patients for the “by-product” of this transformational experience. SHE allows my clients to cease what they’ve become through self-abusive behaviors, fears and thoughts and then become who they are born to be – peaceful, calm and free. Having been in the presence of Rhonda many times, I recognize that she is a prophet who brings one to their highest self. After witnessing first-hand, a family member being healed of an alcohol problem, I was blown away. I can 100% attest to the Self(s)® Heal Experience being effective – it is a reset of someone’s system. Each and every client that I referred has come back completely changed – as if they’re a new person. This is not a treatment or a therapy, but a miracle that predictably occurs when one is in Rhonda’s presence.”

…”Rhonda Lenair is more than a pioneer in the field of energy healing and addictions; she is a conduit to purity of the ethereal world, a place where only clarity and goodness exist. Rhonda has worked with several of my clients on addiction and trauma issues, eradicating them and leaving an open space for love of themselves. I have seen those who have struggled for years with alcohol and food issues leave them behind.”

— Tree Borden, LICSW, Massachusetts

“What a profound help you have been to me personally and to many of my clients. Your gift for diagnostic analysis facilitates bridging the chasm between Eastern and Western medicine. Alternative therapeutics has been strengthened by your expertise.”

Additional Comments from Dr. Stone when interviewed for Good House Keeping Magazine

…Phillip Stone, M.D., a plastic surgeon who practices in New York City and Springfield, MA, went to intuitive Rhonda Lenair to quit smoking – and did after one treatment. “The first thing she knew was that I had a bad back from an old tennis injury,” he says. “Second, she told me I had trouble with an upper left wisdom tooth, which was true. She knew the specific sites in my neck and back where I have tension from surgery. And that I had congestion in my left ear. There was no reason in the world she could know any of this. It was wild. But there are certain things in this life of ours that people can either accept or not accept.” He now refers patients to Lenair.

– Phillip A. Stone, M.D., F.A.C.S.

“In my three-and-half decades of interviewing clients and patients about products or services, it is the first time that I’ve encountered an audience who felt so much love, wonder, appreciation, and enthusiasm for a dispenser of healing care.”
– Morton Walker, D.P.M.

Why wait for your private experience?

Self(s)® Enlightenment Educational Center